Work Portfolio

Web Sites

This is a random collection of some of the more recent web sites I have built, or upgraded over the last couple years.
A great program for high school and college shooting sports teaching safe use of firearms and shooting skills. For a couple years I helped build their scoring system and help administrate over 40 Wordpress sites by keeping them updated and secure.
A Minnesota courier service that I helped rebuild the online ordering system for an built further responsiveness into the web site. Great company, great people.
Argos Risk is a financial risk analysis service for banks, credit unions, manufacturers, vendor management services and more. I helped build their marketing site and continue on and off to work for them enhancing their services, API consumptions, data calculations and report building.
A local remodeler that had some problems with an outdated and hacked Wordpress web site. Took some time, cleaned up the hack and updated the code. It remains unhacked.
An annual road rally for automotive enthusiasts that raises donations for various charitable organizations that support and counsel victim of domestic and sexual abuse and suicidal behaviors and actions.
The web site for my Lodge including communication with officers, event calendars, dues and other payment acceptance and other useful tools for the Lodge.
A site I built for fun that consumes a variety of political and election related data and news and displays them in what I hope is a more readable fashion to understand how much money goes through these people's hands.
An online community for home recording musicians I built before social media was a thing...

Progressive Web Apps

These are projects of mine, using these couple platforms to learn the development of progressive web apps, they aren't perfect, but I continue to work on the them and learn.
A progressive web app project to consume, compare and contrast news. It's a work in progress as I learn PWA development.
Another progressive web app project that consumes news feeds about the goings on in our bloated federal government.


Just a little bit of my music, recording, performance and production. Some are better than others, but like with everything, we live and learn.
For some example of my writing, recording and performing samples, visit my SoundCloud.


A little look into to personal projects I take on just for funzies, or to expand my skills.
I am logging results of form-submitted spam and figuring out ways to stop spam coming through them without needing the UI/UX disaster that is CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA. Thus far, not one false positive out of hundreds of submissions. Preventing hundreds of wasteful calls to my SMTP relay and my time in the inbox.
Working on a project to host all the disgruntled users of YouTube that have been banned, demonetized or suffered other kinds of punishment for not abiding by their politics.
An old, but at the time very successful project. Used to this day by thousands of web sites as a simple, but very functional, PHP based form processing script. I decided to bring it back to life and start rebuilding it for more modern versions of PHP.